Dundee United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Where God's Love Is Real

The Pastor's Corner

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God has been working in some wonderful ways at Dundee. Your welcoming, inclusive spirit has enabled it. Easter Sunday was awe inspiring. We welcomed Karen and Johnny Rice by transfer of their membership and we baptized Marion Graham and Tony Porter. Tony is a traveling man and we met for the first time on Easter. With tears in his eyes he asked to be baptized. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and your affirmation, I did. In January I baptized two other adults, Kristen Moores and David Murphy, and Meridith Hathaway and Pat and Ed Chernishken became members of our church. We are also pleased to welcome Rev. Louis Lisi, Jr. as our new music director. All this is nothing short of God’s amazing work in our midst this year.  
There are other new happenings. Please welcome Charlotte Metz as our new Leadership Team (Church Council) Chair. The Leadership Team members unanimously support her. She has been involved in various leadership positions at Dundee. Currently she serves as a Leadership Team member, a Worship Team Member as well as co-chair of United Methodist Women. Charlotte will facilitate communication between the Leadership Team and the congregation and validate the administration of the church according to Conference guidelines.  
Charlotte is the first woman to become Leadership Team (Church Council) Chair at Dundee. She follows a long line of competent men including Phil Griner who held this position for many years. We want to thank Phil for his many years of service to Dundee as Chair of the Council. Phil resigned recently due to current obligations that have prevented him from dedicating his time to the Leadership Team this year. 
Our Leadership Team continues to work diligently in two major areas. The first is to oversee the administration of the church. The second is to discern God’s vision for our future. This process is involving much study and prayer. Recently we have been exploring the demographics of our neighbors. The good news is that all of the major     demographic groups in our neighborhood are already represented in our church. Our challenge is to find ways to reach the people in our community who are unchurched and in need of God’s love. We are trying to figure out how to best share the love of God with them so their lives can be transformed by Jesus like ours have been. The Leadership Team is excited about where all this may lead us. All of us affirm that we are up to the challenge.  
I will be away for a week’s vacation and a week for spiritual renewal. Len and I are staying at our cabin in North Carolina. I will have an opportunity to spend time with United Methodist Women from South Carolina at a    Spiritual Retreat weekend they are hosting. I will return to celebrate Mother’s Day (5/13) and Pentecost (5/20) with you. I am planning a new sermon and video Sunday School series for some time after I return. We will be studying Adam Hamilton’s new series, Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times. Stay tuned for the details. 
I look forward to our time together this summer. We will miss our Northern Friends. 
Grace and Peace,  Pastor Sharon