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Sunday, November 18, 2018
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You Are Invited!

You are invited to experience something different.

Different because it's not common.

Different because it's countercultural.

It's called POV (or Point of View).

POV is a one day experience that makes space for engaging difficult conversations through the lens of empathy, context and mission. A space where you can bring your thoughts, questions, emotions, and heart without the fear of being judged or coerced.

It’s uncommon because in our polarized world, there not many spaces left that don’t have dividing lines. It’s countercultural because often we are sold a false narrative of in or out, us or them, black or white.

At POV, we’re all in, we’re all us, and we aren’t just black or white, our ideas are expressed in a spectrum of color.

We listen, we share, we reflect, we engage.

So if you want to come to an uncommon experience and grow in empathy, come to the first ever POV. Our conversation will be around “Preparing the Way Forward.” This experience has been designed with help from the Florida Annual Conference and is meant to help prepare for the on-going work and conversation around the Way Forward. You can learn more about the Way Forward at www.umc.org/wayforward.

We hope you will consider joining us and contributing your Point Of View. We would love to hear it.

Our POV experience will begin Saturday, November 17th, from 9 am until 4 pm in the Fellow-ship Hall. Please email or call the office to reserve a spot.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Sharon at 863-258-0401


or pastorsharonumc@icloud.com

October STAR Award
The October STAR award was awarded to Pat & Ed Chernishkin.  The STAR award is for Special Thanks and Recognition of Service and is sponsored by the United Methodist Women. 

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Spaghetti Dinner at Dundee United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall
219 E. Merrill Ave
corner of 3rd St.
Saturday November 10, 2018
4 - 6 pm
$7 - adults
$4 - children under 10
tickets available at Sunday Service, at the door, 

or call Ken Mouser  (978) 866-1225

Church Conference, Community of Faith in Davenport

October 21, 4:00 pm

Manna Dinner - a free meal for all!

October 26, Fellowship Hall, 5:00 pm


Trunk 'N Treat

October 27, 5:00 - 8:00 pm Fellowship Hall and parking lot


39 Mile Yard Sale

The Whole Church!  Nov 3, 8:00 - 3:00


Hope for the Holidays, a grief workshop

November 10, Fellowship Hall, 9:00 - 12:00







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It's Time for Spring Cleaning!!!
The 39 Mile yard sale is coming fast!  We are doing pretty well with our Yard Sale donations.  Our mini-sale brought in over $800.00.   Right now what we need is volunteers to help us move all the items from the Church Office Building to the Church, and set up tables and chairs.  This should be done before Manna Friday, so we can let people shop on Friday and Sunday.  It will be one day in the week of October 21st.  We will still accept donations...take it to the Church Building on Thursday or Friday from 10 am to 12 or call me (Pat 843-415-6218) and I will meet you there.  We accept everything but clothing and shoes.   (Also if you have any plastic bins - with or without tops, and plastic grocery bags - we can use them. )
Let's get cleaning!!!  
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The Emergency Food Pantry is open from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Church Office Bldg. every Thursday and Friday.  Please let anyone who needs food know that this is avaiIable to them. 


Manna Cafe is an opportunity to meet our wonderful Church family.  And we are truly a family.  On the 4th Friday of every month volunteers cook a meal, come in to serve the meal, and clean up afterwards.  We welcome anyone who is hungry to come and join us.   This is not a recruiting event.  It is our gift to you and our opportunity to get to  know you.   See all the smiling faces below?  That's just some of the volunteers who help to make our Manna Meals a success.  You can see that we are having fun!  Join us.  Bring family or friends.  The more the merrier!
See the Calendar page for weekly  events