Dundee United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Where God's Love Is Real



    Dundee United Methodist Church provides middle school and high school young adults a place to explore questions of faith, study God’s word, build lasting friendships, and serve the community. In addition to Bible studies, games, outings, and community service, our ministries give older youth leadership opportunities that build competency and self-esteem.



On Sunday, May 28th, the youth group of our Church designed and presented the Service. They had a lot of items to accomplish:  honor our graduates and have three baptisms besides the regular service.  They did a wonderful job, and the service was enjoyable, the message stirring, and the music was a prayer in itself.  Here are a few pictures.  I hope to  post more later. 

 youth service kids 2017.jpg (200×223)                                youth service 1 2017.jpg (200×143)            youth service3 2017.jpg (200×113)                                                     youth service 2 2107.jpg (200×356)                                                 youth service5 2017.jpg (200×356)                                                            youth service6 2017.jpg (200×140)    youth service7 2017.jpg (200×198)